New design, easily manage your wine collection

Wine Tracking Software

I just release a new version of MWA, finally. New design and hopefully better experiences managing your wine collection.

This is only the starting point of the product, when I acquired MWA last year I had lots of ideas and thoughts for the software. Before building great application you must have a solid foundation, and this is what I have achieve with this last update.

Here is some new things you might appreciate while tracking your wines.

Easily search and add wine from anywhere

New Add Wine Search Box

On the top right is a search box where you can start a search for a wine from anywhere. Type a part of the producer name and / or varietal or even the UPC code and get results immediately.

Finding one of your own bottle

Search my bottles

On almost every pages there is another search box below the “Quick Actions” menu. That one allow you to find one of your bottle. Simply type small keyword, just a part of the name and you will get results showing your cellar’s bottles.

Your feedback are valuable, and I would like to get positive and more importantly negative about MWA. Let me know what could be helpful managing your cellar, what you need to save time even more.

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