Some press and reviews for MWA

Wine Tracking Software

MWA got some reviews lately, since the launch of the latest major update. This is always nice to see your own creation being mention on site like KillerStartups.com.

Here is some articles:

The most basic part of MyWineAssistant is the cellar. Here you can create racks of wine and add bottles to it. You can organize your wine rack like you might normally in your real cellar. Many wines are already in their database so you only need to search for them and then add them to your rack. If you don’t find your wine in their database then you can add a new producer so it can be included too. As we all know wine is sometimes best enjoyed after a certain number of years. Some wines age better than others. MWA lets you indicate when your wines are ‘ready’ for drinking or when they’re getting close to sitting on the shelf too long. For those with elaborate collections it’s difficult to track all the dates of their wines and when they’re ready to be enjoyed.

SlapStart.com : August 15th, 2011 by Steve Gibson

If you are a true wine enthusiast, then this is a site you can't afford to pass by. My Wine Assistant is an online wine tracking application that makes for organizing one's cellar, in a way that is as comprehensive as it is intuitive. My Wine Assistant enables you to keep track of all the wines that you have stored, and at the same time to learn about others you would surely find worthy of your consideration. The ageing potential of all your wines, their peak times? that is information you can access in seconds when using this slick application.


Complete online wine tracking software and cellar management. Have a collection of 500 bottles, that's not a problem. Forget about pen and paper or Excel and use a friendly web-based application. Free 30 day trial is available.


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